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Consideration is one of the oldest active guilds in World of Warcraft, being formed in early 2008. The core group of officers has been together through all of the expansions, offering stable and comprehensive support to all of our members.  Our ambition as a guild has always been to provide a fun and friendly environment for all out members, whilst maintaining a complete end game clear on the hardest mode available. This does not mean that our doors are closed.  We are an all-inclusive guild, meaning that we can accommodate players new to raiding in our open guild events and help them to improve.  Promotions are always available to those who demonstrate their ability, reliability and above all, approachability.

We are represented by many countries across the world, including:
Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden and Wales.  This diverse network provides us a unique opportunity to socialise, learn and most importantly...have fun. We host an annual guild LAN party which has become a really major event in the calendar. It gives us all a chance to meet each other and maintain a strong cohesive frame around which our guild is based.

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Facebook invites

Aurelius, Dec 15, 14 8:28 AM.

In addition to our public profile on facebook, we have a private page which all our members and networked friends are invited to join. Details on how to be invited to this page can be found on our forum (facebook thread) and are only accessible to existing members.

Rank Changes for Warlords of Draenor

Aurelius, Dec 13, 14 3:03 PM.

Molten Core Guild Run

Aurelius, Dec 1, 14 12:09 PM.
Molten Core

To celebrate World of Warcraft's 10th anniversary, Blizzard have released a 40 man LFR version of Molten Core tuned to level 100. Unlike Mists of Pandaria, we are capable now of queuing this with a raid group and not just a 5 man party. Thankfully, our guild has a regular active roster over 40 players, so after a little nagging and the explanation of 660 Wargame gear to beat the ilvl requirement, we had our guild run. Pleased to say it was of course smooth and drama-less with the notable highlight of even getting a few pugs to stampede in aoe stealth to successfully avoid trash. GJ! Thanks to all who attended and I hope it gives you a thirst for the raids to come in Warlords of Draenor.

Guild Updates for Warlords of Draenor

Aurelius, Nov 19, 14 11:13 AM.
Raiding Changes Are Now Updated

All the new rules regarding changes to the structure of guild raids are now available via the tabs on every page of the website. Please make sure you read and understand the rules where appropriate. Further updates will be made to reflect some slight adjustments to the guild ranks as and when they occur.
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